Handmade sope

Handmade soap with natural herbal extracts, no preservatives and additives

Natural extracts do not harm skin and pollute environment

Master in pharmacy, Sam Chen, the general manager of Lin Din BioMedical Co., Ltd. and his R&D team dedicated themselves to the nutraceuticals and health care products in order to achieving two ultimate goals: “preventive medicine” and “improvement of the quality of life”. Lin Din cooperates with the Innovative Medicine Institute of Chia Nan University of Pharmacy and Science, which is on the leading edge of Taiwan pharmacy research field.
Lin Din and professor Guan-Han Li (李冠漢 教授) in the Innovative Medicine Institute, his colleagues Dr. Ming-Yung Liu (呂敏勇 博士), and Dr. Kun-Siang Liu (劉坤湘 博士) have the same goal: people-centered health services make life better.
Thus, the research and development of “Biotech Handmade Soap” was started in collaboration with the Innovative Medicine Institute.

Biotech Handmade Soap is made from Chinese medicinal herbs, 100% natural. The specific extraction methods of Chinese medicinal herbs lighten the significance of this research. Complex manufacturing processes for the extraction of herbs include: immersion, extraction, concentration, purification, conversion, etc. These Chinese medicinal herb extracts were used for making cold process soap. 45 days of maturation ensures the perfect combination of Chinese medicinal herbs and biotechnology. Biotech Handmade Soap provides not only good cleaning effects but also excellent antimicrobial efficacy.

Lin Din BioMedical Co., Ltd. – Biotech Handmade soap research team

  • Dr. Guan-Han Li – Dean, College of Pharmacy and Science
  • Dr. Ming-Yung Liu – Professor, Department of Cosmetics
  • Dr. Kun-Siang Liu – Professor, Department of Cosmetics
  • Master in pharmacy Sam Chen, Yi-Ling Chang

Systemic analysis of antimicrobial efficacy against microorganisms on human skin

11 manufacturing processes based on scientific evidences

  1. Identification of Chinese medicinal herbs
  2. Low-temperature grinding
  3. Extraction of Chinese medicinal herbs
  4. Concentration
  5. Purification of functional ingredients
  6. Blending of functional ingredients
  7. Test for antimicrobial efficacy
  8. Selection of potent Chinese medicinal herbs
  9. Analysis of functional ingredients
  10. Making cold process soap with functional ingredients
  11. 45 days of maturation

R&D of Biotech Handmade Soap

Accumulation of body wastes from skin and hair follicle results microbial growth, which leads to skin diseases, e.g. dandruff, acnes, eczema, unpleasant body odor, etc.

Biotech Handmade soap research team aims to make life better. The combination of Chinese medicinal herbs and biotechnology makes biotech handmade soap not only good for cleaning but also able to provide antimicrobial effects and specific functions: prevent or alleviate the symptoms caused by skin pathogens.

So far Lin Din have developed the following handmade soaps:

  1. Anti body odor soap (unpleasant body odor, the smell of sweat)
  2. Facial soap (acne, oily skin tone)
  3. Hair soap (dandruffs, seborrheic dermatitis)
  4. Lingerie soap (Eliminate Candida albicans on female underwear)

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