Fermented Enzymes

To maintain a healthy and harmonized body, the balance between food and nature is important. Based on the macrobiotic and natural foods diet by Michio Kushi, and health concepts of west & east nutritional supplements, locally grown foods that are in season, e.g. fresh herbs, fruits, vegetables, grains, are used for fermentation. The fermented enzymes can balance your body functions.

Features of Brazizyme

  1. Best ingredients:

    Strictly select 80 ingredients, including grains, beans, vegetables, fruits, seaweeds, and herbs for fermentation, provide not only basic nutrients but also trace elements.

  2. Clean origin, no pollution:

    Ingredients used for fermentation are from the famous Brazil farm located in World Heritage Site. Branches of Amazon river and thick rainforest provide fertile soil without pollution.

  3. Using super soft water in fermentation:

    Water hardness is determined by the amount of Ca and Mg dissolved in water. Spring water emerging from 1500 m below the farm is used in fermentation. The water is extremely soft and contains several trace elements for enzyme activation.

  4. Triple fermentation:

    Brazizyme underwent triple fermentation by natural acetic acid bacteria in Brazil farm to enrich the flavor, activity and stability.

  5. Diversified active enzymes:

    Brazizyme not only contains digestive enzymes, but also contains enzymes for anti-oxidation and metabolism, multi- minerals and vitamins. Brazizyme promotes metabolism, assists digestion, provides anti-oxidants against aging.


The differences between common digestive enzyme and Brazizyme

Common digestive enzyme Brazizyme
Background Not clear

Based on “Macrobiotic Diet” (Michio Kushi)

Ingredients and process Fruits
Industrial process
Strictly selected 80 ingredients, including grains, beans, vegetables, fruits, seaweeds, and herbs.
Super soft water.
Natural fermentation
Microorganism used for fermentation GMO Natural acetic acid bacteria, yeasts and lactic acid bacteria.
Fermentation Twice
Ethanol fermentation
Lactic acid fermentation
Ethanol fermentation
Lactic acid fermentation
Acetic acid fermentation
Production Purified for each enzyme after fermentation, followed by blending of each enzyme Using patented techniques to keep the fibers and nutrients.
Enzymes Single or few digestive enzymes for the digestion of starches, proteins and lipids.

Not only contains digestive enzymes, but also contains enzymes for anti-oxidation and metabolism, multi- minerals and vitamins

Stability Heat sensitive. Heat resistant.
Features Help digestion Help digestion, activate enzymes in body, improve bowel movement, regulate immunity, promote metabolism.

Enzyme drink

Based on the concept of [Detoxfication and Fortification], the botanical enzymes in the enzyme drink can remove toxins in the body, followed by fortification of body health, e.g., the enzyme drink can promote metabolisms and regulate physiological functions.


  • Contract farming ingredients

    We strictly selected ingredients, including seasoned fruits, seeds, edible wild herbs, grains, plant buds, natural marine algae, precious mushroom, ganoderma lucidum, ginseng, dong chong xia cao (Chinese Caterpiller Fungus), fleeceflower root(Polygonum multiflorum Thunb).

  • 540 days of fermentation in an ancient way.

  • Without preservatives and chemical flavors. Best for health, long life, and nutritional support.

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