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Lin Din BioMedical Co.,Ltd was established in 2007. We are specialized in biotechnology and health food with a group of experienced physicians, pharmacists, nutritionists, and medical technicians.

With advances in modern medicine, there are so many treatment options for diseases. However, long-term administration of drugs may lead to undesirable side effects. Thus, we devote to searching for novel biotechnological ingredients which are effective and non-toxic.

To make the causes of disease less complicated, the causes of disease can be divided into “genetic factors” or “environmental factors”. These “genetic factors” existed/hid in our genome when we were born. We must make every effort to stabilize these hidden factors. However, people in the modern societies are having problems with modern illnesses due to contaminations, pollutants, and stresses.

Except orthodox medical treatments, we must improve our quality of life and prevent aging and diseases. These “environmental factors”, which we can control and improve, keep us healthy.

We devoted to the development of nutrition supplement s for “Preventive Medicine” and “Improvement of the quality of life”. Based on naturopathic medicine, orthodox medicine, and clinical studies, we keep providing reliable, convenient, and professional services. Customers can obtain knowledge of healthcare, choose right health foods, and furthermore, improve their quality of life.

Health makes life perfect

There is a Chinese old-saying goes: The superior doctor prevents sickness. Thus, we aim to develop health food based on scientific principles and clinical studies. We provide professional and convenient solutions, and knowledge of healthcare to help people to have healthy and joyful life.

Advantages of Lin Din

1. Innovative research and development

Collaboration between Lin Din and top universities, including Seoul University, Korea, Chia Nan University of Pharmacy and Science, Taiwan, and Kaohsiung Medical University, Taiwan, leads to products with clinical studies, functional assessments, and efficacy patents.

2. Healthcare education/consulting

True healthiness relies on good sense of health. Our professional team provides knowledge of healthcare and healthcare consulting services.

3. Professional sales channel

We cooperate with channel members, including pharmacies and clinics, to provide complete customer services.

4. Development of patented formulas

Our sensitivity to healthcare trends, experiences in marketing, and the ability to develop novel and patented healthcare products help creating new products for various sales channels.

Our services

Health, joy, life

  • 1. Supplements for allergies
  • 2. Supplements for gut health
  • 3. Anti-aging supplements
  • 4. Natural fermented supplements and enzymes
  • 5. Beauty supplements
  • 6. Development of functional ingredients
  • 7.(OEM/ODM/JDVM)
  • 8. Package/flyer design for medical channels
  • 9. Industry-academic cooperation
  • 10. HALAL certificate application

※OEM: Original Equipment Manufacturing
※ODM: Original Design Manufacturing


Advisory Team


Dr. Lin is a clinical adjunct professor at USC and LA County Hospital, and is licensed for oral surgery, dental oncology, and full mouth and facial reconstruction. He is one of the only 30 qualified doctors in the National Academy of Oral and Oral Reconstruction, and he is also one of the few doctors who is a certified hyperbaric oxygen specialist.


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